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Sleep Apnea Therapy from Alexander Dental in St. Augustine, FL

For those seeking CPAP alternatives to treating sleep apnea, oral appliance sleep apnea therapy can help. Using intraoral sleep apnea therapy devices, we can reposition the jaw and soft tissues to keep the airway clear. Which type of sleep apnea treatment device we choose will depend on specifics about your case, such as jaw position or the size of various structures. For patients in the St. Augustine, Florida area looking for relief from sleep apnea, oral appliance sleep apnea therapy from Alexander Dental can help.

We use a variety of intraoral appliances for sleep apnea therapy, including:

  • The Moses Appliance
  • The Narval MRD
  • Somnodent Appliances

The Moses Appliance for sleep apnea therapy repositions the jaw, bringing the lower jaw forward until it’s in the proper position to clear the airway.

The Narval is an MRD, or mandibular repositioning device, as well. When the jaw is repositioned forward, it can keep the tongue in proper position and prevent collapse of the pharyngeal walls, as well as preventing the vibration of the palate.

Somnodent appliances are very popular for oral appliance sleep apnea therapy. These help improve the volume of the airway and prevent collapsing. There are two versions. The first is made of acrylic, and it’s been designed with the best in comfort and durability in mind. The Somnodent Flex is softer, maintaining a snug fit, security, and comfort.

These are just some of the oral appliances we use for sleep apnea therapy at Alexander Dental in St. Augustine, Florida. They each may have subtle differences, but they’re all essentially designed to be worn during sleep to keep the airway unblocked and air moving freely.

Appliances such as these are often referred to as CPAP alternatives. We want for those who are suffering with sleep apnea to find a treatment that works, and that’s why we offer CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea therapy.

Once you’ve been thoroughly diagnosed and examined, Dr. Alexander will work to find the best possible oral appliance for your sleep apnea therapy. Your sleep apnea therapy device will be specially created for you and custom fit to your teeth for the greatest comfort, security, and stability. You can sleep with complete peace of mind knowing that your oral appliance for sleep apnea treatment is helping you breathe freely and protecting your health.

If you’re exploring CPAP alternatives or are interested in exploring various options for sleep apnea therapy, contact Alexander Dental in St. Augustine, Florida. If you’re in Palm Coast, Palm Valley, Jacksonville Beach, or other nearby communities, you can reach out to Alexander Dental for the sleep apnea treatment you’ve been looking for.